Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Diagnostic Essay Draft #2

La Tortura Vida Uno

As she lies under the moon lit sky, hopeless and alone.  I couldn't help but to think of the rose bushes where we would play next to as children. So beautiful and filled with life and color, yet the you second touched you'd bleed the same color as the fruit of bush. Bright red and thick as weeds that surround it. Her name was Kim, and my only purpose in life was to protect her from harm.  Kim was six months old when she was sought out to become La Nueva Principio. Only time would tell if her destiny was to be fulfilled. It all started when the world enter a new form of life. As the prophecies for spoked, a young worrier prince, a relative of Kim, would become her savior and one day take her place as El Nuevo Principio. Kim was twenty years of age when the world enter a new form of life. It was a cloudy, yet misty day. Everyone knew something was different, about that day. The birds sang songs of worry and panic, and the air smelled like sea water fresh form the ocean shore. Kim was staying over her grandmothers house that night before with her brothers and two cousins. As usual me her cousins, Dj, was picking a fight with her just because she was the oldest and always got first pick at what she wanted to eat for breakfast. As Kim and I began to argue Kim, we looked around and noticed that time had stop. The water running form the kitchen faucet had frozen it time. It looked as if you had taken a picture of it and were looking at it that very moment. Her two brothers, Crist and Jr., had stopped dead in their tracks for walking down the stares, and her other cousin Monique laid in bed stiff as the rose bushes in her grandmothers front yard. Kim and Dj realized they where the only two not frozen in time. 
"Dj, oh my god what is going on?" Kim asked in a very Melancholy tone.
" Your guess is as good as mine Kim...." I answered back.
Just as Kim and I finish talking, Kim's grandmother walked into the kitchen. A cloud of white smoke surround her, and her were a light grayish color in the shape of a full moon.
"It is time you two" Kim's grandmothers said.
"Mama are you okay? Kim screamed, "What is going on?"
" Everything you see around you is an reflection of what you will change,only pain and hatred fills the hearts of the ones who will try to destroy our world and take your place as La Nueva Principio." Kim's grandmother said.
" The New Beginning? Mama what are you talking about?"  
"Yea mama what are u talking about this doest make any since. El Nuevo Principion is just a myth" i said
"In time you will see... it is your destiny" Just then Kim's grandmother bursted into a cloud of dust and the smoke began to enter the passage way of Kim and I.
Next thing you know Kim and I woke up next to the rose bushes only the rose bushes were dead. Almost every living plant was dead. Their was a note placed next to the two of them. I open it and it read, "Your only job is protect her." Just then planes above ours dropped bombs and began to destroy the land in which Kim's grandmother own.  
"Kim wake up... we have to move!" I said. I got no responds. I picked her up and carried her in my arms as we ran through the woods. Still i could here the plans flying in the sky above us. Just as i was running Kim awoken.
"Stop!" she yelled I stopped dead in my tracked and dropped her right on the cold wet ground.
"We are here" 
"What are you talking about Kim? Come on I got to get you out of here." I said worried as ever been in my hole life.
"No we are here, your job has just begun." Just then Kim began to float in the air and a white laced dress cover her bear body. Just then she reached out her hand and said "I am LaNueva Principio and Everything that you see before you lives inside of me.
I did not understand what she was say until I reach out and touch her hand, then it became clear to me I now know why her destiny was to become La Nueva Principo.  She is smart, beautiful, everything that is good in our new world in which we live inside her.  I too also see why i am protector, because  I am strong and wise.  I have the power to make change, Kim gives me the strength to carry on and some day become El Nueva Principo.

Diagnostic Essay Draft #1

An Intelligent, dependable, handsome young adult with many goals and all the potential in the world striving to become a man in such a corrupt society.  This statement is what I consider the definition of myself. Many young adults at my age don't understand who they are as a person, not knowing who I am is an understatement for me. Every morning when I look into the mirror I see confidence, boldness, someone who isn't afraid to be himself. However, it's ironic that the young man I see in the mirror today, I did not even knew existed just a few years ago. It is remarkable how life is changing every second of the day . One moment you are at the highest point; touching the heavens in a fantasy world that you never dreamed existed. Then, all in a quick second you drop faster than lightning from the heavens above. Then your at the lowest depths of the earth dumped into the deepest darkest places you had ever been in your life.  You are falling rapidly with no control, arms flailing all around in every direction, uncertain of the landing place called your final destination. After the end of this fall you have just witness almost every emotion possible. Yet, you set yourself up for another fall because you want to live through it all again. My day to day challenges, and life experiences have directed me into the choices I have made; furthermore, defining the person I am today.

In my life I have been blessed to have such a big loving family.  I have two very supporting parents, and an exceedingly loving sister. Although, my parents play a large role in my life, I would have to say my friends play an immensely larger  role. My parents have always taught me to select positive influences as friends.  I may have never picked the best choices of friends, but one thing I have constantly done is not only learn from my mistakes but from others as well.  I have many old friends from when I was a kid who have ended up in jail, or just as a lazy bum who only call me just to ask for a ride or for money.  On the other hand, I also have friends who attend Harvard  University and friends who own successful businesses. One thing I can truly say is I have always had a good head on my shoulder. The moral of  what was right from wrong was instilled into my head. I learned that moral through not only from my friends and myself from making mistakes, but also from my parents.  My parents are both religious people.  I was always as raised in a stretched christian home, however; my parents and I clashed over our viewpoints.  For example, my parents don't believe in the practice of homosexuality.  Even though I am not a homosexual, we infinitely get into fights about this one subject. I have learned to never judged people for who they are, and except them for the person they are.   

Someone who I consider a great of an ethological appeal is the actor and singer Corbin Bleu. Bleu is a smart, unique young individual with amazing acting and dancing skills. Yet Bleu is constantly critiqued by the media. One thing I admire about Bleu is that he isn't afraid to be himself.  When Bleu was a kid he took ballet and salsa dance lesson and he was always made fun of for it.  Bleu has taught me that it is acceptable to be yourself and not to worry about what others might think about you.  Another ethological appeal in my life who I hold in high esteem is my older cousin Kim. When we where younger, Kim and I would constantly get into disputes among each other. We hated each other, little did she know the reason why I would always pick fights with her is because I always though she was Super Women.  Just like my other role model Corbin Bleu,  she too never cared what others though of her. Another reason why I looked up to her to in such high respect is because she is an independent women capable of taking care of herself and her life no matter what problems are thrust upon her.  When she was in college she had to work a full time job as a store manager and attend school full time.  While doing all this she still manage a B average throughout it all; thus, to me that showing the true meaning of maturity and discipline.  

When I was in the fifth grade my pathos began in my life. Had gained about twenty pounds, and it imparted a gargantuan toll upon my self-esteem.  I was continuously joked by the other kids, but what was ironic about me  being joked was I never saw myself as being "fat."  It was not until I was in the seventh grade I began to notice the ample weight I had gained.  Still it used to hurt me when people would always make jokes about myself being overweight. I will never forget the time my best friend blessed me with the nickname of "Babyfat" and told practically everyone we knew to call me that from now on.  I never told him how many times I had cried over it, it truly did hurt my feelings a lot. After doing a little self reflection, I had the opportunity to realize that I had the ability to make the change in my weight size.  I had discovered a fitness workout program called Turbokick which literally changed my life.  It gave me the self confidence I see and have in myself, and it gave me the guidance and strength to help others who where struggling with their weight issues.

My life experiences have made logical sense to me in many different ways.  For example, when my parents fought against my viewpoints at first I couldn't comprehend why they couldn't see in my perspective.  Over the years I have had a better understanding of the differentials of peoples' persuasion. I have learn that not everyone is going to have the same attitude or similar judgement as you.  Even though we are humans and of the same species we are all unlikely different such as snowflakes. Each snowflake has its own appearance but consist of the same elements.  In addition to my first logical statement, Bleu has helped me realize  to do what "I" think is best for me and to not care about the opinions of other people. Without me losing weight I would not be the determined, motivated fitness instructor I am today . The decision I have chosen have guided me into a path in which logically make sense to me.  I have shared ethos, pathos, and logos through my life experiences. I know for a fact who I am as an individual, yet I am still learning more about myself each and every day, and through every choice I make whether the out come is positive or negative.  I can ride down memory lane, set myself up for yet another fall just to live through it all again.     


Untitled: By Winston Rowntree

 Untitled, written and illustrated by Winston Rowntree is a comic about two strangers. A young man and a young women walking through the woods discussing their political view points. Winston Rowntree, the author, owns his own pretend company named Virus Comix in which he makes his work known.  In addition to owning his own company, Rowntree never attend any  art school and has no kind of visual art training.  In his comic, Untitled, his Main purpose was to entertain his audience.  The comic tells a short story about to strangers who meet in the woods for the first time to realize that that they both are going to the same place.  The two strangers then ends up walking together and talking about school and their political views.  At the end of the comic the two individuals come across a Notzi soldier, consequently, ending in the death of the both the male and female characters.  At first, in the beginning of the comic i though the story took place in todays time because when the two characters talked about their political view points the story sounded like they were talking about the 2000 election Bush vs Gore.  Also, the two characters talked about the a war and all the bad stories they have heard.  Nevertheless, the two characters where talking about WWW II and the comic had to have taken place during that time because of the Notiz soldier and the genocide of the jews.  Over all i think this comic had a message in it as well.  It lets its audience know some of the things that jews had to go through during that time era. Many jews where caught in situations where they were face to face with Notiz soldiers and many of them where beating or even killed just for being a jew.  I think this comic teaches its audience that racism is bad and no one deserves to ever go through anything like what jews went to during WWW II.  

T.V. Makes Teens Pregnant...Again

In the article text "T.V. Makes Teens Pregnant... Again,"  the author is trying to convince their audience that it is not the television show that teens watch that negatively influences teens to get pregnant.  That it is the lack of knowledge about sex it's self.  In the text the author mentions a nonprofit research organization called RAND Corporation stating in the November issue of Journal Pediatrics: "sexually active teens who watch popular programs laced with sexual innuendo are about twice as likely as those who don't to get pregnant or get a partner pregnant."  Also, the author adds how the RAND Corp. came up with this theory. "RAND’s data was based on phone interviews with 12-17 year olds, both girls and boys, over the course of a three year period," stated by the author.  In addition to the data, the author talks about what kind of question the youth were asked.  They state that the teens where asked about sexual and television habits including how often they watch T.V shows that had some they of sexual activities in them.  Furthermore, the author mentions that RAND's findings where from teens who where already sexually active.  Basically what the author was saying was that RAND's was only focusing on unwanted teen pregnancies, not any teens who where in a committed  relationship.  Over all the authors point of view was that the youth community were already engaged in sexual activities  with or with out the influences of T.V shows such as Sex in the City or 90210

Coming from a teen's perspective,  I too agree with the author of this texts.  I too watch T.V shows such as Sex in the City and 90210 (the new season).  Yet, I am not a sexually active teen.  Also, by me watching these shows it does not encourage me to want to practices sex in any shape or form.  I do believe that some television do influence some teens; however, for me it is not a big influences for me.  I also  believe that the reason why most teens do get pregnant is because of the lack of education of sex.  Sex is a very uncomfortable topic to talk about.  Besides, in our society we as teens are taught to never talk about sex until we are adults ( 18 years old).  When a person hits 13 their bodies starts to make changes and the mind starts to wonder and wanting to explore.  I don't think teens at the ages of 13 should engage in sex; yet i do believe that if two people really love each other and want to take their relationship to the next level then they should do so no matter what age.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Girl Effect

The video text tittle The Girl Effect, uses rhetorical appeals to convince their audience that it only takes one person help to change the lives of many people.   The author uses facts and explains (logos) for his or hers point of view in the text.  The author mentions many globe issues such as property and AID's to help support their argument. Also, the author uses an emotional (ethos) appeal to cajole their audience about how one individual helping another can befit many others.  The author uses words and words only in the video.  This method causes the audience to read and to think while they are watching the video.  Furthermore, the author uses a girl as the source of their story.  In the video  a white screen and bold black words appear on the screen and say "imagine a girl living in property." Then the video tells a story, only with using words, about the audience (us) putting the girl in a uniform and going to school.  Next they mention how the girl gets a loan to purchase a cow and to use the profit form the cows milk to help out her family.  The cow then because a herd, and she is the business own bringing clean water to the village in which she lives in.  Last the men of the village invite her join the village conical.  Resulting in the girl becoming a role model to all women and proving that all women are valuable.  In addition to the girl, the village economy has improved; likewise, which helps the economy of the world.  Hence, it all stated with the help of one person putting a little girl in a school uniform.  The author uses the analogy of a little girl to connect on a emotional level with their audience, because women in poor economy countries have little or no say in their economy.  If we as individuals have the power to help out one girl, who has the power to help out one village, who helps out one world economy.  Our one world in which we live in.  I think the author archived their goal of persuading their viewers and educating them on how we each all can make a difference if we work together.